3G’s as the eCommerce development partner to WeetJyWat introduces BizBlox Equity

  • Develop a web site that is
    • Mobile responsive (works on desktop computers, laptops, iPad’s, tablets, and phones)
    • Self-manageable
  • 5 web site pages positioning your organisation, service and products
  • 5 products loaded into the shop (you can load further products)
  • Sell through Facebook
  • Free / Flat rate / Provincial rates / Free for purchases over RX.00 delivery options
  • Integrated analytics
  • Affordable to SMME’s
  • Available on three payment options (*subject to qualifying criteria)
  • Perfect for those on a budget that don’t have an established web site, or your web site is not delivering as it should, and you require a core web site presence

Drawing on 3G’s eCommerce experience including amongst others

  • Gautrain (gold card purchase and ride ticket load solution)
  • National Lottery (including integration into banks)
  • Retail stores (from brick ‘n mortar to click ‘n mortar, and even click only)

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