Online Marketing – Creating Unicorns – Part 1

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Online Marketing – Creating Unicorns – Part 1 – The 10 Best Online Marketing Strategies to Make You a Unicorn

What’s a marketing unicorn, you ask? It’s one of those magical campaigns that’s so effective it performs in the top 1-3% of all marketing campaigns.

Marketing unicorns are so special that, even though they’re rare, they end up delivering the majority of the value of your overall marketing efforts. The Unicorn Marketing Power Law.

This is why it’s so key, as a marketer or business owner, to find your own unicorns and make the most of them. There are unicorns in every corner of the online marketing world – unicorn ads, unicorn blog posts, unicorn webinars, unicorn emails. These are the campaigns with exceptional click-through rates, conversion rates, open rates, and engagement rates.

So if you find a unicorn, CLONE IT! An idea or piece of creative that does well in one online marketing channel is bound to do well in your other marketing channels as well.

In this series we will present a top 10 of favorite online marketing strategies that create and exploit unicorns to give you the best possible bang for your buck. In each post we will provide a little more detail into each of the 10 strategies, which include strategies for SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, remarketing, and more.

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