Why DigiCards Are Worth The Consideration – Part 4 – It Can Make A Digital Presence More Affordable

Right, so we are back with the fourth post on DigiCards.

Missed the previous posts? No problem. Access them here: https://buff.ly/3ba0Buq

Affordable Digital Presence

Upfront I want state that at 3G’s we use our DigiCard in conjunction with our website and social media presences. The DigiCard provides the mobile contact points that have been mentioned previously, and we use it to draw attention to a subset of our service offering at any point in time, and then reference back to our web site for our broader offering and our social media for ongoing updates.

What this post is going to highlight is how the DigiCard can operate as a “stand-alone” affordable digital presence. Be that as an interim solution or a permanent solution.

If you, or your organisation, are in the position that you are limited by one of, or a combination of, budget and/or human capital (capacity and/or capability) and/or exceptionally short timelines to go to market, be it temporary or more long term, the DigiCard can be a viable solution to setting up your digital presence in place of a website.

Hopefully the point has been made. That said, there are several other aspects and approaches that at 3G’s we are always happy to chat with you about.

Want to find out more? Wait for the next posts that further shine a light on the virtues of a DigiCard. Or contact Ricardo via his DigiCard:• 3G’s Digital Consulting – Ricardo https://buff.ly/3d8hCF8

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• CCL Engineering • Doctor Shoulder• Kleine Constantia Guest House• LR Classic• Sandton Scuba• Saxologist• TechniStrut• Wanawake

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