Why DigiCards Are Worth The Consideration – Part 1 – What Is It

DigiCard. You should have one!……..Really?

It dovetails so well with existing branded collateral!……….How?

It can make a digital presence more affordable!…….Okay? How?

It is so cost effective!………Nice! I might want two in that case. But how?

It is an auto-updating brochure in your client and potential client’s pocket!…..Really? Okay? How?

Spotlight certain offerings for a period of time, moving that spotlight as and when you need, and still build awareness around your full offering (in and out of the spotlight)!………Fantastic! You keep saying all these things! Show me!

Have you heard any of this before, or is it possibly all brand new to you? Well, let’s answer those questions. One at a time, a focused post for each. But first lets lay down some definitions/applications (note I say some) of what a DigiCard is:

Clear, or clear as mud? But all true. Success driven through effective application as experienced by engineering firms, musicians, guest houses, doctors consulting rooms, construction firms, book stores, consulting firms, industrial supply companies, diving companies, website developers, copywriters, outdoor adventure services and so many more

Want to find out more? Wait for the next posts that actually shine a light on these various aspects. Or contact Ricardo via his DigiCard:

See examples of digicards via the links below:

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